November 28, 2023

Men’s Top 7 Best Electric Shaver

1. Braun Series 9 – Models 9290cc, 9293s9295cc 9095cc

Men who have used electric shavers in the past probably don’t need an introduction to Braun, the German company which has been in the forefront of electric razor technology for years. An introduction to the Series 9, though, is definitely one worth accepting.


Comfort, Build and Performance Second to None

To start with, as soon as you pick up a Series 9 shaver you know that you’ve got something very comfortable and very substantial in your hand. It’s made from chrome-finished plastic so it looks sleek, yet it’s solid and obviously extremely well-built. And when you turn it on and begin using it you know there’s something special going on because it delivers a closer shave than any foil electric razor you’ve used before (our #2 choice the Panasonic Arc 5 now shaves just as close – read section #2 for our Braun Series 9 and Panasonic Ar5 head to head discussion).

Braun uses a four-way shear system, which is a combination of floating grills, four cutting elements, two Optifoil foils, to come very close to a manual shave. The company claims there are “40,000 cross-cutting actions per minute” which we obviously can’t measure ourselves; but however many there are, they definitely do the job.

best electric shaver review - BRAUN Series 9 9295cc Wet and Dry

2. Panasonic Arc5 ES-LV9N-SES-LV95-S & ES-LV81-K  Shavers

Are five blades better than four? Not necessarily, as the Panasonic Arc5 comes in just slightly below the Braun Series 9 in our rankings of the top 7 best electric shavers (we try and clarify our reasoning below). In fact, with their latest models (ES-LV9N-S, ES-LV9A-S, ES-LV9B-S) Panasonic have arguably closed the gap.

No review list detailing the best shavers on the market would be complete without this excellent shaver. Yes, it is expensive, but it is easily one of the Rolls Royce machines in the world of men’s hygiene. This is one of the best shavers for men that money can buy and, if that is your buying criteria, then this might be the shaver for you.

Is your thick and unruly facial hair presenting a problem for you every morning when you wake up and shave? Have you put your trust in other shaving products previously only to be disappointed? Thankfully, the Panasonic range of shavers ES-LV9N-S (ES-LV9A-S, ES-LV9B-S), ES-LV95-S & ES-LV81-K are there for you.

Panasonic Arc5 ES-LV81-K

The Panasonic ES-LV models are the world’s very first 5-bladed linear electric razor. They are foil shavers – and as you’ve probably guessed, Arc5 means that it is designed with five arched cutting elements.

They are built with a pivoting head like the Braun, with the same type of lift and cut action provided by the reverse-taped foils. That means these shavers have most of the same advantages: a very close shave for an electric razor, the ability to get almost all stray hairs with just one or two passes, and wet/dry capabilities.

They also have the most powerful motor on the market, at 14,000 RPM, and a digital charge display in the ES-LV81-K whilst the ES-LV9N-S & ES-LV95-S get an LCD one. These razors feature 30-degree swiveling nano blades that offer the cleanest shaving experience possible, as well as an automatic charging and cleaning system and an attached trimmer. The Panasonic ES-LV9N-S & ES-LV95-S (and ES-LV81-K) are also 100% waterproof, making it a pleasure to use in the shower or bath.

3. Philips Norelco Series 9000 Wet & Dry Electric Shavers

Earlier we spoke of two types of men, the electric razor guy, and the manual razor guy. Dedicated users of electric shavers know there are two sub-groups among their number: those who prefer foil shavers and those who swear by rotary razors.

For the latter group, the Norelco Series 9000 shavers (or series 8000 shavers detailed below) are head and shoulders above the competition.

This shaver is definitely not your father’s shaver. To start with, it has an unusual body shape featuring a nicely-contoured grip, making it supremely comfortable to maneuver the razor around your face and offers a closer shave than almost anything else that you can find.

The shaver head is elevated above the body where the three rotary blades can pivot, flex and tilt much easier than on a traditional shaver – Philips achieves this with what they call their 8-direction ContourDetectHeads. The cutting heads have 3 layers of grooves, which are smartly-designed and nicely-positioned to be able to get all of the different types of hair which grow on a man’s face, from stubble to long, stubborn strands which have been untouched for a while. There’s also a dual-blade “Super Lift & Cut Action” system built into the heads, which are perfect for the neck and jaw where stubborn hairs usually require multiple passes.

In Groom+Stlye’s opinion, the Norelco Series 9000 shaver provides the closest shave of any rotary shaver currently on the market. Does it compare with the closeness of a manual shaver? Probably not, especially if you have a very thick beard which grows quickly. Does it compare with our top-ranked foil shavers? We think it’s very, very close.

One of the benefits of this rotary shaver over foil razors is that the pressure distribution around the face, due to the pivoting 3 heads, is largely equalized, which can minimize irritation and inflammation when shaving.

The Norelco Series 9000 shaver, includes the SmartClean system which washes, lubricates and dries the razor at the same time it’s being charged.

4. Braun Series 7 – Models 7899cc, 7865cc, 7893s, 7799cc

The Braun Series 7 shavers are a very advanced electric shaver that Braun carries on its product line, and it offers some of the most sophisticated shaving technology in their entire catalog. German engineering at its very finest, Braun consistently delivers excellent foil shavers, and this is one of their leading products.

The Series 7 shavers feature a fully flexible pivoting head that allows for maximum adaptation to the contours of your face. The latest series 7 models feature five separate shaving modes, while the slightly older models feature three – effectively you can choose between, intensive shaving for heavily bearded individuals, normal mode, and an extra sensitive mode for those with sensitive skin.

These shavers feature advanced technologies such as Braun’s proprietary Optifoil and ActiveLift systems, which are, like the rest of the product, a testament to world-renowned German engineering. This premium shaver deserves the popularity that it receives from the people who use it.

If you are after a tried, tested and proven shaver (and don’t need/want the very latest device) then you can save some money by buying a Braun series 7 razor (rather than a series 9 shaver).

best electric shaver review - Braun shaver Series 7 7899cc Wet & Dry

5. Braun CoolTec Men’s Shaving System

The Braun Cool Tec shaver is the first to ever integrate an aluminum “cooling bar”, designed to lessen the effect we all know as razor burn – the burning and irritation some men get even by quality shavers.

The bar is meant to reduce moisture and lessen tension in the skin in order to help deliver a smooth shave, and then furthermore to cool the skin to soothe any irritation which does occur.

Best Electric Shaver - braun CoolTec

There are three cutting elements on the CoolTec, two which move independently to give as close a shave as possible; it’s not quite as close as the more expensive Braun Series 9 the review team placed at the top of our rankings, but that’s one of the trade-offs you have to make for the lower price. There is one important thing to note about this Braun model; while it is nominally a wet/dry unit, you cannot use it with shaving foams, gels or lotions.

The CoolTec also comes with a clean and renew station that cleanses and lubricates the shaver as it charges – the only slight negative for some users is that when the razor is cleaned, it has a slight lemon scent the next time you use it.

6. Remington F5-5800 Rechargeable Foil Shaver

There are plenty of men (we’d guess it’s the majority) who don’t want to spend a lot of money on their electric razor – they want a good shave for a low price. Our suggestion for that large group is this Remington shaver.

The F5-5800 delivers the closest shave you can find with an inexpensive electric razor, primarily because of the “intercept trimmer” between the two foils which grabs longer hairs and trims them down to the level of the rest of the stubble on your face, to then be cleaned up by the blades.

The foils are also allowed to float independently, so they can move along the contour of the face easily.

Best Electric Shaver - Remington F5800 shaver head

7. Braun ProSkin 3040s [and Braun 3 Series 340S-4 (380S-4)] Budget Foil Shavers

Note: Focus on the Braun 3040s (the older 340s has escalated in price for some reason).

As with all their shavers, Braun recently gave the series 3 a facelift and renamed them – so the 340S has become the Pro Skin 3040.  The shave is effectively the same but with a different look.

Braun Electric Shaver, Series 3 ProSkin 3040s Men's Electric Razor / Electric Foil Shaver, Rechargeable, Wet & Dry, Blue


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