December 3, 2023

love lock, sometimes known as a love padlock, is a padlock which couples lock to a public object, most often a bridge, to symbolize their love. After the padlock is locked, the key is thrown away, most often to a river or a lake, to symbolize their unbreakable love.

Love locks have become more and more popular over the last 20 years and are often treated by the authorities as litter or even vandalism due to the damage they can cause and the cost of removing them.

Here’s our list of the 10 Awesome Love Locks Locations From Around The World.

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  • Pont des Arts Bridge, Paris, France
  • Hohenzollern Bridge, Cologne, Germany
  • N Seoul Tower, Seoul, South Korea
  • Vodootvodny Canal, Moscow, Russia
  •  Mount Huang, China
  • Most Ljubavi, Vrnja?ka Banja, Serbia
  • Malá Strana district, Prague, Czech Republic
  • Ponte Milvio Bridge, Rome, Italy
  • Butchers’ Bridge, Ljubljana, Slovenia
  •  Brooklyn Bridge, NYC, New York, United States

Top 10 Most Famous Love Locks Locations Around The World.

1. Pont des Arts Bridge, Paris, France 

Famous love lock location

The most famous love locks location in the world is located on this pedestrian bridge in Paris, over the river Seine. It is estimated that the weight of the locks on this bridge may reach 93 metric tons! In June 2014, part of the parapet that carries the padlocks collapsed under the weight, and in June 2015, the city of Paris began removing the hundreds of thousands of locks from the bridge

2. Hohenzollern Bridge, Cologne, Germany 

Famous love lock location

Love locks started appearing on this bridge over the river Rhine in Cologne, in the year 2009

3. N Seoul Tower, Seoul, South Korea

Famous love lock location

Seven artificial “love trees” were put on the terraces of this tower in Seoul by the tower’s operators. Those artificial trees are capable of holding great weight, especially designed with the padlocks weight on mind. The tower’s operators also provided a “key bin” for the keys, so those won’t be thrown from the tower. The regular fences were also replaced by glass fences so that padlocks couldn’t be locked on the fence itself

4. Vodootvodny Canal, Moscow, Russia

Famous love lock location

Another artificial “love tree”, this time on a bridge across the Vodootvodny Canal in Moscow. This is just one of many such iron trees

5. Mount Huang, China 

Famous love lock location

The fences on Mount Huang in China are packed with love locks. Sweethearts lock their soul together on one of the fences and throw away the key to the valleys below

6. Most Ljubavi, Vrnja?ka Banja, Serbia 

Famous love lock location

Most Ljubavi, meaning “Bridge of Love”, is one of 15 bridges in the town of Vrnja?ka Banja, in Serbia. The bridge is a major destination for love padlocks

7. Malá Strana district, Prague, Czech Republic 

Famous love lock location

Love padlocks can be found on a pedestrian bridge in the Malá Strana district

8. Ponte Milvio Bridge, Rome, Italy 

Famous love lock location

 Love locks are gaining more and more momentum in Italy, and it all started in the Ponte Milvio bridge in Rome. The ritual in Italy is inspired greatly by a fictional event in the popular book “I Want You” by the Italian author Federico Moccia

9. Butchers’ Bridge, Ljubljana, Slovenia

This new pedestrians bridge has started collecting its share of love locks in 2010. The bridge crosses the Ljubljanica River.

10. Brooklyn Bridge, NYC, New York, United States

 Many love locks were locked to the Brooklyn Bridge, but they are now being removed due to safety concerns

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