November 28, 2023

01. Flexible Logos

So far logos had one design that remained the same for decades. But that is not the case anymore. We already witness the logos that the business owners can change a little bit for different occasions. The designers keep new requirements of businesses in mind while creating a company logo design so that it can be used in multiple variations for a different set of audience.

logo design trends

The one-size-fits-all approach does not work now when businesses are not satisfied only by their logos working well across all platform. They want the designs that can personalize their unique relationship with customers.

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02. Visual Tricks

The designers are also toying with ideas of creating some illusion of a logo design is a three-dimensional object. They are looking for ways to develop a sense of depth. The purpose here is to trick the eye.

logo design trend

Take for example of Edge Board logo. The company manufactures chopping edge guard for packaging needs. Its logo merges the letters E and B together but in such a way that it tricks the eye to believe that it is on the other side of the wall as well as at 90 degree. The logo thus shows us the edge. With such logos, the aim is to create a distinctive identity of a brand.

03. Strong Focus On Color

The new emphasis is on telling a brand story through colors. We know that colors evoke passion, desire, and other emotions. In 2020, a specific purpose behind the use of colors is paramount to create a logo.

logo design

So, colors will be placed intentionally and firmly than ever, and they will be a dependable vehicle to brand messaging. They also are the reason in a logo for building between a brand and its target customers.

04. Abstract Logos

Minimalism continues to be in the trend it helps the designers create a message without cluttering a small space. With minimum use of elements, viewers get a brand message quickly and in a cleaner way.

Abstract Logos

However, while the emphasis is on minimalism, the designers are looking for ways to further eliminating as many elements as possible. In this quest, they are now turning to abstract concepts. This is because abstract concepts make designs more effective.

05. Responsive Logos

More and more logo designers are turning toward creating responsive logos. It is because almost everything is digital today. Businesses now want to develop solutions for mobile platforms. It is no more just about desktop devices.

People are searching and shopping products or services using their smartphones while on the move. Therefore, a logo design that fails to respond to the tiny space of mobile phones is not of much use in modern times.

Responsive logo design is, therefore, need of the hour and it is establishing itself as a trend. So, when a responsive logo appears on a small mobile screen, it appears as less embellished.

Responsive Logos

This way, the logo can retain readability and simplicity on the tiny screen. When the same logo is displayed on the big desktop logo or its size is increased, more of its details appear.

But a responsive logo is not restricted to adjusting of size. Apart from the size compatibility, the designers are also experimenting with the ways to make logos behave differently by responding to the new data. So, such a logo looks visually different as per the requirement of data.

For example, when users sign in to their Google mail inbox, an icon appears on the top right corner. But this icon looks different on the personal account than when they sign in to their business account. Now, logos are no more one static designs. Instead, they are responding to the data attached to a platform.

06. Simplicity Still Rules

The trend of creating simple design solutions refuses to fade away. For years, the designers have been emphasizing on the KISS [ Keep It Simple Stupid ] rule, and every budding designer is repeatedly reminded of it. They are advised to deliberately avoid ornamentation and replace it with a simple visual aesthetic.

Simplicity Still Rules

Simplicity as a trend of most graphic design ideas has also continued for conveying a brand message in a clean and clear way. Take for example the Uber logo, which has gone through some design changes in three years. Its previous logos had some directional elements, but the new logo is just simple text and has no other element. The letters are placed against a black background. This total redesign gives a refreshing look of simplicity for the modern users of the cab services.

In fact, the list of companies that further simplified their logos is endless. It includes big brands such as MailChimp, the US Open, Best Buy, Mills & Boon, Santander, Ogilvy, Fat Face, and City Gateway. In 2020, simplicity will continue to rule as a significant design trend further due to the increasing use of digital platforms.

07. Be Yourself

Make sure that your abstract logo design ideas are not too complicated. While simplicity is still a preferred way to create logos, many businesses want to look natural and original. So, they are even willing to incorporate the elements that otherwise do not go well with the concept of simplicity and minimalist design principles. It is due to an overwhelming digital presence that brands emphasize keeping things simple.

But many brands do not want to compromise and wish to convey their original aesthetics. Therefore, a brand may have an excellent digital presence, and still, it would like to communicate its rustic feel so that customers can know what it stands for.

Be Yourself

This means that logo design for many such businesses is about creating their authenticity as part of their brand identity. This is the reason that almost every brand wants to have a custom font that gives the feel of the brand.

Brands are now finding out their own ways to stand out from their competitors. They are experimenting with colors, typefaces and other branding elements. There are no more just one of two things to create authenticity in designing a logo. The designers are following all the unique ways of their own to reflect a brand in its true self.

08. Logos That Stand The Test Of Time

Another trend that we may witness in 2020 is designers designing logos that last for many years. But such long-lasting logos also should be simple, and they should speak about the authenticity of brands. This is because logos usually are with the businesses for a much longer time as compared to their other identities such as website design, business cards, brochures, etc.

Chances of the classic design of a logo standing the test of time are much higher than a logo that followed a trendy design style of the day. For example, healthcare app ZocDoc logo will not require redesigning for many years. This logo changes its face as per the theme, and it can match the content.

Stand The Test Of Time

One of the disadvantages of following the trends of the day is that they are short-term. They usually do not last for a couple of years and fade away. For identities such as logos, a short-lived trend is not advisable to follow.

It can be excellent in advertising which is meant for a few months only but not for logos that are supposed to last for many years. Just think of Coca-Cola logo, which is based on classic lettering design. It is still relevant after many decades. Now contrast that with Pepsi logo, which the company has to redesign frequently to look contemporary as it is not a classy design.

09. Playful Logos

While there may be an added emphasis on creating logos that last for decades, that does not mean that there should not be a room for some innovation, fun, and playfulness in the designs. When it comes to designing logos for the fashion industry, this element of fun and play especially will be a trend most designers will follow. In fact, some fashion brands have already twisted their logos which otherwise were not touched.

Playful Logos

Brands are collaborating to have some fun with a business logo design. This trend was noticed recently when fashion brand Moschino mashed up its logo with other brands such as MTV and H & M. This way; these two brands were able to dilute their identities. Experts see these temporary and funny merging of logos as a part of the strategies to connect brands with the new generation of customers.

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10. Use Of Gradients

One of the ways for a graphic designer to achieve simplicity of design is to use gradients of colors. The designers have been taking an interest in creating different shades of color in designs including logos. This trend will continue in 2020 as well. We already have seen the use of gradients in Sky and Apple branding. Recent examples include Mozilla Firefox logo that uses different shades and slopes of orange color.

Use Of Gradients

Another example is the new Waitrose logo which has a subtle use of gradients. The logo has various brands of green. To give the feeling of transparency, the designer kept a lot of space between the two bands in the logo. Trivago and Disney Plus are other notable logos that made good use of gradients.

These are some of the important logo design trends that you can try using logo maker tool like DesignEvo that will continue their journey in 2020. As a designer, you should first know your client’s brand personality. Then, if necessary, follow the trends that best express the brand.

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