November 28, 2023

10. Serbia

Belgrade, Serbia
Image by Mikele Designer from Pixabay

Currency: Serbian dinar
GDP per capita: US$ 7,199

9. Belarus

Minsk Belarus

Currency: Belarusian ruble
GDP per capita: US$ 6,372

8. Macedonia

Thessaloniki Macedonia
Photo by Carlo Tancredi Via Flickr

Currency: Macedonian denar
GDP per capita: US$ 6,143

7. Bosnia and Herzegovina

Travnik, Bosnia and Herzegovia
Photo by Ferry Vermeer Via Flickr

Currency: Bosnia and Herzegovina convertible mark
GDP per capita: US$ 5,917

6. Albania

Gjirokaster, Albania
Photo by bilwander Via Flickr

Currency: Albanian lek
GDP per capita: US$ 5,261

5. Azerbaijan

Baku, Azerbaijan
Photo by Victor Yastrebov Via Flickr

Currency: Azerbaijani manat
GDP per capita: US$ 4,586

4. Georgia

Tbilisi, Georgia
Photo by Been Around Via Flickr

Currency: Georgian lari
GDP per capita: US$ 4,505

3. Armenia

Norarus Village, Armenia
Photo by Lotusc Via Flickr

Currency: Noah’s Ark silver coins, Armenian dram
GDP per capita: US$ 4,446

2. Moldova

Bardaru, Laloveni, Moldova
Photo by David Davidson Via Flickr

Currency: Moldovan leu
GDP per capita: US$ 3,226

1. Ukraine

lviv in ukraine

Currency: Noah’s Ark silver coins, Armenian dram
GDP per capita: $3,133

Note: Europe is the Continent with many economically developed countries. The poorest country’s income starts with US$ 3,133 (2018 estimate) per Capita (Ukraine), second with US$ 3,226 (Moldova). The income of Moldova is fair compared to World’s poorest country income per capita which starts with US$ 226 (Malawi)

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