November 28, 2023

Using sources like Forbes, Business Insider,, and, we’ve curated a list of 2023’s ten richest YouTubers, their subscriber counts, net worth, and annual income.

Please note: We’ve only included people who create and appear in their own content. Channel owners like Jay Jeon – who owns the wildly successful kid’s entertainment channel CocoMelon and is worth over $460 million – have been excluded.

That said, let’s jump right in and round up the richest YouTubers in the world.

RankYouTuberChannelSubscribersEst. Net WorthEst. 2022 Income
1Jeffree Starjeffreestar15.9 million$200 million$15–20 million*
2Anastasia RadzinskayaLike Nastya104.0 million$106 million$18 million
3Jimmy DonaldsonMrBeast130.0 million$100 million**$54 million
4Ryan KajiRyan’s World34.2 million$100 million$27 million
5Vladislav and Nikita VashketovVlad and Niki92.9 million$88 million$43 million
6Logan PaulLogan Paul23.6 million$45 million$18 million*
7Felix KjellbergPewDiePie111.0 million$40 million$15–20 million*
8Richard Tyler BlevinsNinja23.7 million$40 million$6–12 million*
9Mark Edward FischbachMarkiplier34.4 million$35 million$6 million
10Daniel MiddletonDanTDM26.3 million$35 million$3 million

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