November 28, 2023

1. PubG

PubG is now the most played game ever in its number of downloads. It crossed 5M in 2015. And now it is playing worldwide. It maps get updated twice or once in a year. And that feature makes people play something new all time. No doubt its graphics is super clearer and user-friendly settings. So, it’s the topmost game that you would enjoy to play in 2020.

2. Mortal Kombat

Mortal Kombat is a game that afterward developed again and again into further seasons like mortal kombat 11 etc. It’s a totally updated version of the combat series. It’s a fighting game with extended characters, plot, and plans with twists. According to an interview with its developer, it’s an end story of its series with superpower players. So, install this game to your pc and enjoy a filmed type video game with the proper forwarding story.

3. Minecraft

Minecraft is the all-time best game that is played by gamers of all ages. It’s a construction and Minecraft game with 2D brick visuals and color contrast. It’s also loved by those who are fond of building new things. So, it’s also one of the best pc games to play in 2020.

4. Call of Duty

Call of duty is the best shooting game of all time. It was first developed in 2003 on the story and incident basis of world war II. And then by the passage of time, it is updated and removed all bugs. Also, they added new plots of modern time wars. Call of duty is the best action game to play right now as it doesn’t cost anything. So, just install and play: it can also be installed on Android by its apk version

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