November 28, 2023

1. Law

Law is without a doubt the best and most lucrative art course you can take. Law, however, is not a pure art, as should be noted. Law can still be a field of study in higher education for anyone who excels in art in secondary school.

You might be wondering why law is at the top of this list. Well, the explanations aren’t too far-fetched. The study of law as a discipline focuses on the creation and enforcement of social norms. Lawyers are highly valued and respected in every nation today. In fact, they are part of the judiciary, which is a very important part of the government.

Law also makes a lot of money. In developing nations like Nigeria, the median salary for a lawyer is approximately 50,000 naira. The amount is extremely high in more developed nations like India, the United States, and the UK.

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So yes! The first course on our list of the best art courses at universities is law. If you have decided to major in law, I also recommend watching the video below to learn more about law school. You will adore this one, believe me:

2. Mass communication

Another excellent art course you should take at the university is this one. Any student who excels in mass communication can easily obtain university admission to study it. Mass communication is an important Art course.

To put it simply, the study of mass communication is concerned with the communication that is sent to a large number of people or through mass media. That precisely is what it is.

As a result, if you have a degree in mass communication, you can work for television stations, radio stations, or even national newspapers. Additionally, you may be aware of the numerous advantages of working in these settings. Because so many people talk about you and listen to your voice as a radio reporter, you are already a household name.

Even if you no longer work for the radio station, if you are creative enough, you can still build a name for yourself that will bring you more money and popularity.

The answer to the question of whether mass communication is profitable enough is unambiguous. Yes! It is. You can also read in university of Abuja post graduate courses 

3. International Relations

You must study international relations in order to become a nation’s ambassador abroad. The study of how one nation interacts with another to maintain peace and facilitate business transactions is the subject of this field of study, as the name suggests.

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People working in this field are compensated very well. Additionally, the government takes care of all of their concerns. Take, for instance, the situation in which the government takes care of an ambassador’s flight and all of his needs when he is expected to represent his nation at a UN conference. He or she is actually regarded as government property.

A graduate of international relations can also work as a foreign language teacher and in the ministry of foreign affairs and relations. Aside from that, they have the option of returning to their chosen profession—teaching or lecturing in International Relations—and earning a handsome salary for doing so.

4. Political science

Since its inception, political science has been many students’ aspiration. In the field of art, it remains one of the most lucrative programs available. As long as he understands the material he studied in school, a political scientist is qualified to work in virtually every government position.

Different people have defined the term “political science” in different ways over the years. First, the systematic study of politics and government, according to some academics. On the other hand, some define it as the analytical study of past, present, and future public policy and policies.

A political scientist can serve as a government advisor. He can advise the government on its programs and policies by working in the civil service. He can also work in the field as a teacher or lecturer. With this, I don’t need to go into detail about how lucrative the field of political science is.

5. Performing art(PFA)

This is a component of art’s core. It is one of the most popular classes at many universities, and more art students typically apply for it than any other.

The field of theater art encompasses numerous art forms; Some examples include: Design, decorating, painting, broadcasting, etc. I refer to it as the core of art because of this. If you’re creative enough, this course could also make a lot of money. Also, you can make a lot of difference if you can find a comfortable niche for yourself.

Naturally, there are also erroneous assertions that Theater Art is not worthy of study. These are lies from hell’s depths. This course was taken by greats like Chinua Achebe, Wole Soyinkan, Chimmanda Adiche, and others. Surprisingly, some of them even dropped out of better programs like: for the sole purpose of studying Theater Arts. Chinua Achebe is a good illustration because he changed his major from medicine and surgery to theater arts.

6. Linguistics

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With so many opportunities today, this is yet another art class that is underrated. Even more surprising was the fact that a law professor at my school advised his students to acquire a foreign language prior to graduation because doing so will benefit them in the future. This is to demonstrate the course’s relevance to you. The wonderful thing about taking this course is that you will get a general understanding of the various languages spoken around the world. This will help you overcome communication barriers when you meet people who don’t understand what you say.

As the demand for professionals has increased in recent years, graduates of linguistics can work in almost every industry. In addition, they can serve as tutors for individuals interested in learning additional languages. Yes, it might not be the most lucrative art course overall, but believe me, it is well worth it. One of the classes that can help you launch a stress-free business after school is linguistics.

7. English

English is a very important and lucrative subject in numerous developed and developing nations. Because the English language is so complex and difficult to understand, teachers of English make a lot of money in education. From the field, a course instructor earns even more money.

8. Music

Before starting a career in music, you should at least study music if you don’t want to be a local musician in your country. The study of music is a very diverse and fascinating field. Because it involves more than just playing the piano and drums, it is designated as its own distinct field of study.

Which career is best for students of the arts? The secret is that if you have a lot of talent, you can make billions of dollars as a musician. You can also decide to become a paid music teacher after studying for the required number of years. Yes! With your knowledge of music, you can do a lot of different things.

And the key is as follows: There probably isn’t a single well-known musician in the world who hasn’t received instruction from a music coach or teacher. Music, as I previously stated, is a very distant and vast path. Because everyone enjoys music, this is a lucrative industry.

9. Psychology

It examines the mind, behavior, and animal behavior of humans and animals. Although psychology is not a pure art course, you can choose to study it if you are good at other art subjects and won’t have any trouble in the long run.

Because it is concerned with the behavior of humans and animals, psychology is very interesting. I recall how interesting and funny our Psychology instructors were during my first year at the university. Everyone enjoyed the Psychology lectures, which were always well attended.

Like a graduate of languages, a psychologist can work in almost any setting that deals with human relationships in society, which is another good reason to take this course. As a result, their compensation is excellent.

10. Studies in Security and Criminology

Criminology and Security Studies ranks last on my list of the best university art courses. It examines criminal behavior and the study of criminals in general.

This course has not yet been approved by many universities. But if you take it at a university where it is accepted, I can assure you that it will be a very interesting course.

You will have an advantage over other applicants when applying to be a member of security bodies like the police, army, or defense, among other organizations, which is one interesting advantage of studying criminology and security studies. Aside from that, graduates of this course can work in a variety of settings, including the police and the general public.

Despite this, the following are the three most significant aspects to take into account prior to selecting a course of study.

1. Years of research

First and foremost, studying the aforementioned courses takes different amounts of time. In many African nations, including Nigeria, law school lasts longer than eight years. Therefore, you need to ask yourself if signing up for this is really what you want.

2. Possibilities for availability

Students who have taken an arts course in school typically have access to opportunities, though obviously some courses offer more access than others.

Additionally, research has shown that students in both developing and developed nations, such as the United States, the United Kingdom, and Canada, have access to more opportunities in the field of theater art.

3. Cost of tuition

It should come as no surprise that these are the most expensive university art courses because they are the best available. Therefore, you must take that into consideration.

According to our research, some of the courses with higher tuition costs include mass communication, international relations, and law. However, the fees are covered by the university you want to attend as well.


So far, I’ve compiled a list of the best art courses at the university, with law leading the pack. However, this does not imply that everyone should attempt it. It is essential to carefully consider your options before enrolling in any of the aforementioned classes. Check to see if it’s something you’ll enjoy over time. Don’t just pick a course because it’s well-known or offers a lot of money.

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