November 28, 2023

1. Accounting/Accountancy

The measurement, processing, and communication of financial and non-financial information about economic entities like businesses and corporations is referred to as accounting or accountancy, according to Wikipedia.

Because it is such an essential component of every business, it is currently probably the most profitable sector in Nigeria. Despite this, it has been demonstrated in recent years that this field of study has lost its prestige due to Nigeria’s high corruption rate.

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Despite this, accounting is still the most beneficial and lucrative course for commercial students. Accounting is the best course for commercial science, just like law is the best course for the social sciences and medicine is the best course for the sciences.

2. Marketing

Another interesting course for Nigerian commercial students is marketing. In Nigerian universities, marketing is without a doubt one of the courses that everyone takes. I mean, Marketing is offered by almost all Nigeria’s top tertiary institutions. This ought to imply that incorporating marketing into any university in Nigeria is an excellent idea.

In addition, marketing is one of the most important areas that every company, firm, or business needs to focus on. As a result, if you finish this course well, you could work as a marketer for any of Nigeria’s top companies.

You can even start and market your own business with the education you received. Marketing is without a doubt one of the best commercial courses at the university.

3. Economics

Economics was always my goal before I finally decided to become a lawyer. My explanation was that an economist is able to work in almost every sector of the country. Sincerely, an economist is in high demand everywhere in Nigeria. It is a fact that graduates of this course typically obtain employment more quickly and easily than those of any other commercial program.

According to Investopedia, economics is a social science that studies how goods and services are produced, distributed, and used. An economist is someone who studied the subject. He or she can work in any organization as a manager, accountant, or even secretary.

To be honest, I absolutely adore this course. In point of fact, economics will be the next university course I take after law. It is evidently one of Nigeria’s best business courses. You can also read on pleteau University courses requirement 

4. Finance and banking

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Because the banking and financial industry is one of the most lucrative in many countries around the world, it is one of the best commercial courses you can take at a university.

A student who completes this course can work as a financial secretary almost anywhere. Naturally, that isn’t the only job they can get. A person who has completed a degree in banking and finance can also work in the bank as a manager of a company or as a financial advisor to someone else.

The majority of tertiary institutions combine the terms “banking” and “finance,” despite the fact that they are related. Wikipedia says that finance is the study, management, and creation of money and investments. In contrast, banking involves the organization that is in charge of holding customers’ money.

The fact that it takes so little time to graduate from banking and finance school is a wonderful feature. For instance, banking and finance only lasts four years in Nigeria. Students will receive a bachelor’s degree (Bsc) after four years of intensive learning, and they will be eligible for the aforementioned job opportunities.

Despite this, it should be noted that Banking and Finance is a highly competitive course, so only students who are interested in learning will likely be admitted.

5.Business administration/ management 

You will agree with me that the majority of Nigeria’s most successful businesspeople have studied business administration at some point. Yes! It could not have come from the university. But the truth is that you will never succeed as an entrepreneur if you are bad at business administration and management.

Naturally, thousands of businesses are searching for experts in this field; who can assist in efficient company administration. It is the study of business administration.

Well, if you’ve been reading this article carefully, you’ll see that this field and Economics are similar. They aren’t exactly identical. Keep in mind that while economics is more comprehensive, business administration focuses solely on business management.

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You will also be able to work in almost any industry once you complete this course. Rely on me; In Nigeria, it is one of the best courses in business.

6. Mass communication

In Nigeria, it is common to hear that studying mass communication is not worthwhile. In Nigeria, many people make cool money in the field of mass communication. If you have a bachelor’s degree in mass communication and are a good writer, publisher, or journalist, you are at the top of the world. The reason is that every day, millions of people look for information and the most recent happenings in the country.

If you work for a company, mass communication may not be a very lucrative career choice. If at all possible, starting your own blog, website, or radio station is always preferable.

Thousands of Nigerians today have achieved success in this field. so that you can also succeed. One of the best commercial courses you can study in Nigeria, in my opinion, is mass communication.

7. International relations

International affairs is another name for international relations. According to Wikipedia, it is the global study of how politics, economics, and law are connected.

Although this field of study is not very well-known in Nigeria, I can assure you that it is also an excellent option for students studying business. This course is offered by almost all Nigerian universities.

In fact, international relations is also taught at some polytechnics. This demonstrates that the Nigerian University Commission (NUC) is aware of it.

This course’s graduates can also work in many fields. A graduate of international relations, for instance, could serve as an ambassador or work for international organizations like the UN, ECOWAS, or AU. Like I said previously, Worldwide relations is definitely not a famous course yet. However, the filed is still doing well even at that point.

8. Public administration

To be honest, public administration is one of the best business courses available at a university. In case you were wondering, this course’s graduates work as civil savants.

Because they study and implement government policy, they are among Nigeria’s highest-paid government employees. The study of the implementation of government policies and the training of civil servants for employment in the public sector are the goals of the academic field of public administration.

In terms of earning potential, studying public administration is also the best option. Additionally, it is one of the courses that I call “eye openers.” It exposes students to numerous opportunities and fields of study.

9. Insurance

Students in the commercial department will also benefit greatly from taking insurance. Because the majority of Nigerians dislike the word “insurance,” the course is not widely known there. However, it is one of the most well-known commercial courses for students worldwide.

In Nigeria, top universities like UNN, UNILAG, OAU, and UI teach insurance, and they know how important the course is.

It is important to note that the insurance industry is expanding rapidly right now in Nigeria. Many Nigerians are beginning to realize the significance of the field as a result of the efforts of law enforcement agencies.

In the long run, I am absolutely certain that this course will rank among the best commercial courses. It is, in fact, one of Nigeria’s best commercial courses.

10. Human Resources Management (HR or HRM)

Another interesting course in the department of commerce is this one. It has to do with how to manage resources so that employees’ performance or results can be maximized. Our investigation reveals that Cornell University’s School of Industrial and Labor Relations was the first institution to accept this course in 1948. One intriguing reality about HRM is the way that pretty much every organization or association needs a HR The board proficient.

You can even decide to work for your own business and get the most out of whatever it is about if you have good knowledge in this area.

As a result, there are numerous job opportunities in this field. However, it should be noted that the course is not currently offered by all universities. Therefore, prior to applying, please verify that the university offers it if you are interested in studying it.


 As of now, I believe you have gained some knowledge from my listing and discussion of the university’s most lucrative and best commercial courses. I didn’t write this article to help you decide which is best for you.

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