December 3, 2023

Top 10 Best Pro Scooter Wheels of 2018

1. Rapids – River Pro Scooter Wheels

River Rapid top best pro Wheels

River Wheel Co. Rapids are robust, responsive, and sturdy. Rapids are the perfect wheel for any road pirate. River Wheel Co. is delivered to you by the founding father of Proto, Andrew Broussard. These high quality 110mm scooter wheels function bearing removing slots machined into the anodized core, and three levels profile for motion! These have been designed by a road rider for all road riders!

2. Lucky Tanner Fox Signature Wheel

Lucky Tanner Fox top best pro Scooter Wheels

The LIMITED EDITION Lucky Tanner Fox signature wheel is the talk of the industry right now – we’ve all been waiting for this. With awesome Tanner graphics, these Lucky TFox signature wheels are built with the best aircraft strong aluminum. Lucky Rebound Technology has been incorporated. The Speedroll bearings have been included with the Lucky TFox signature wheels for an extra smooth ride.

3. Envy Scooters Hollow Core 120mm (Pair)

The all new V2 hollow core scooter wheel has been redesigned to have a thicker urathane and additional of a spherical type to it so that you’ve got additional flooring area for the pro stunt scooter wheel to make contact with on the underside. The replacement wheel has a very distinctive design machined into the core. These wheels are super lightweight and durable. The Envy Hollow core scooter wheel can be found solely 110mm.

4. Envy Scooters Lambo Wheels 120mm

Equip your pro stunt scooter with these awesome Lambo inspired wheels from Envy Scooters. The unique and intricate design, is fast becoming a favorite – perfect for Lamborghini lovers! At a diameter of 120mm, and an added 2mm to the urethane from 24mm to 26mm, enables more surface control for the rider. You can use these Lambo wheels with any Envy Scooter from 2016 on.

The evolution of scooters is always progressing and Envy are at the forefront of the push! Their new 120mm wheels give faster cruising speeds as well as better pop through takeoff and many of the older riders in the sport have moved towards these larger scooter wheels! ***Many older forks do not have the clearance to fit the larger 120mm diameter. Certain deck and offset fork combinations will cause the wheel to hit the front of the deck as it spins around. YOU MUST UPGRADE TO A COMPATIBLE 120MM BRAKE.

5. River Glide Wheels

River Glide pro scooter Wheels

With a choice of sizes ranging from 100mm to 125mm, these River Glide wheels can be customised to suit your requirements. For a faster wheel, go for the larger size, and for entry level riders – go for the smaller size. If your Fork and Deck fits 110mm pro scooter wheels, these River Glide wheels are compatible.

6. Kutrick Oil Slicks

Kutrick Oil Slick best Pro Wheels

The Core of the Kutrick complete 2pcs 110m pro stunt scooter wheel is a spoked core for weight saving, while the flat profiles give strength and durability to the replacement wheel. We love the oil slick color of these Kutrick’s, and the quality of the bearings mean they are very quiet. The urethane is just in the sweet spot between hard and soft, and makes these the best choice for intermediate riders.

7. Downside Conspiracy V2 Wheel

Downside Conspiracy best pro scooter Wheel V2

The much anticipated Downside Conspiracy has been released recently. The product life is extended with the PU coating. There is a limited lifetime warranty with the conspiracy V2, which makes this a clear choice for anyone wanting to dip their toe into customising their pro stunt scooter.

The all new V2 wheel has been redesigned to have a thicker urethane and additional of a spherical type to it so that you’ve got additional flooring area for the replacement wheel to make contact with on the underside. The wheel has a very distinctive design machined into the core. These scooter wheels are best for those looking for a super lightweight and durable option. They can be found solely 110mm.

8. Proto Gripper Faded Wheels

Proto Gripper Faded Wheels

The 110mm Proto Faded Gripper wheels are available in many different sizes, from 100mm – 125mm. For a more speedy wheel, and for pro tricks, it’s best to go towards the 125mm. Entry level or Beginner riders would benefit from starting with the 100mm
size. Faded Gripper entry level wheels suit forks and decks that fit 110mm pro scooter wheels. For park riding, the top best pro stunt scooter wheels to go for are the softer polyurethane, or harder for street style.

9. Root Industries Honeycore 110mm

Root Industries Honeycore top Best Pro Scooter Wheels

Designed with hollow core tech, Root Industries’ Honeycore Pro Scooter wheels could easily be the lightest pro stunt scooter wheels known to man!  Choose from either 110mm or 120mm, and with 88A urethane – this durable wheel will last longer than softer ones.  The ABEC 9 Bearings are included with the honeycore’s – so what are you waiting for?

10. Phoenix F7 Alloy Wheel

Phoenix Alloy top best Pro Scooter Wheels

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