December 3, 2023

1. China

China, Countries With The Highest Rate Of Cybercrime

China is finishing off the rundown if the nations with the most noteworthy pace of cybercrime. On the list of countries with the most data breaches, China ranks third. China has been a developed nation for a very long time. China has consistently been at the forefront of technology. China’s cyberspace has been developed and invented for a long time. This has led to the coincidental reason which is cybercrime.

Since 2017, cybercrime has become extremely well-known in China, with online fraud accounting for approximately 40% of all cases. Since that time, the rate has continued to rise at an estimated 30% per year. In 2021, China recorded up to 5,000 instances of web based betting alone out of an expected complete of 65,000 cases connecting with cybercrime around the same time. You can also read on most peaceful countries Im Africa 

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Typically, the defense, communications, and technology industries are the primary targets. However, China’s government has not slowed down in its fight against cybercrime. The People’s Republic of China’s Cybersecurity Law is primarily responsible for regulating cybercrime in China.

2. Russia

Russi, Countries With The Highest Rate Of Cybercrime

Leave phishing, malicious software attacks, and hacking to the Russians. Russia recorded over 500,000 crimes that were encouraged and carried out with the assistance of the internet and telecommunications devices in 2021.

One nation that has suffered excessive losses due to cyberattacks is Russia. Companies and businesses of both public and private ownership are impacted by this. During times of war, Russia uses its sophisticated technologies to their advantage by using cyberattacks to cause destruction. Typically, the nations of Europe are their target.

3. India

India, Countries With The Highest Rate Of Cybercrime

India is the second most populated country on the planet. It is similarly a country with high data and mechanical headway and an unexpectedly high pace of digital wrongdoing. It was just a record of about 3,000 in 2012.

The pace of cybercrime in India has been on a huge increment from 2018. In 2021, India recorded instances of cybercrimes of more than 52,000; a number that was up 6% from the previous year. The Information and Technology Act of 2000 and the Indian Penal Code of 1860 primarily regulate cybercrimes in India.

4. Brazil

Brazil, Countries With The Highest Rate Of Cybercrime

Another world-leading nation with a high rate of cybercrime is Brazil. Brazil recorded over 320,000 incidents of cybercrime in the first half of 2020. The nation has consistently topped all rankings. In particular, the nation is ranked fifth among countries that target cybercrime.

Financial malware and banking-related fraud are two of their most well-known areas of expertise. Brazil’s high rate of cybercrime has resulted in losses totaling multiple billions of dollars for the economy. Brazil in its battle against web weakness has ordered The Brazilian Web Law of 2014.

5. Iran

Iran, Countries With The Highest Rate Of Cybercrime

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Iran is a country to be dreaded with regards to digital wrongs. Due to its synergy with other developed nations, Iran is an extremely sophisticated independent and interdependent nation that cannot be challenged. When it comes to cyber security, Iran poses a threat even to the United States.

The country has the resources, technology, and workforce. You can rely on this nation’s defense strategy, which makes use of the internet and other technologies. Iran’s Computer Crimes Act regulates cybercrime: Law No. 71063.

6. Nigeria

Report shows that Nigeria looses more than 0.8% of its GDP to web extortion per annum. As per the FBI positioning, Nigeria is positioned sixteenth on casualties of cybercrimes on the planet. Attackers and institutions, as well as private individuals, have fought over cyber security.

The emergence of social media and other network technological advancements brought this rapid emergence of cyber issues to the forefront in the early 2000s. The Cybercrime (Prohibition and Prevention) Act of 2015 and other laws, such as the Data Protection Act, Advanced Fee Fraud Act, and EFCC Act, regulate cybercrime in Nigeria.

7. Germany

Germany is at the top of the list because cybercrime has been on the rise there. The country’s digital development has contributed to the persistence of cybercrimes. Over 300,000 cybercrimes were recorded and handled in Germany in 2019.

Countries from which cyberattacks originate The following year, statistics showed that the incidence of cybercrime had increased by 8%. Countries from which cyberattacks originate Germany looses up to 0.7% of its GDP to digital fakes yearly.

8. Vietnam

 Vitetnam, Countries With The Highest Rate Of Cybercrime

The fight against cybercrime in Vietnam has been ongoing and persistent. Over 1,300 cyberattacks were reported by the Vietnam National Security Centre in January 2022 alone, a 10% increase from the previous year and, of course, a series of numerous attacks in previous years.

The Cybersecurity Law, which aims to establish a secure cyberspace throughout Vietnam and beyond, went into effect in 2019.

9. Poland

Poland, Countries With The Highest Rate Of Cybercrime

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Even though Poland is a small nation, it has a lot of technology and is one of the biggest exporters of electronics. Another country with a high rate of cybercrime is Poland. The data for 2021 indicates a very high rate of phishing, other hacks, fraud, and malware attacks related to the grave. A 2020 survey reveals that cyberattacks have affected 29% of Polish businesses.

Poland saw a spike in the number of cyberattacks in 2017 and has continued to see an increase. In addition to other domestic laws aimed at reducing cybercrime, the nation is a signatory to the Protocol to the Convention on Cybercrime.

10. United States

The US is another nation where cybercrimes flourish, and obviously not without liabilities. The nation records the most noteworthy pace of breaks, and inside the space of half of 2022, more than 50 million residents of the US have been impacted by digital wrongdoings. It would appear that cybercrime is most prevalent in the United States.


Cybercrimes have turned into an issue of worldwide concern. No nation can say that it hasn’t been affected, though the degree of impact may vary. Because the fight against cybercrime is ongoing, it is possible to say that the goal of cyber-security cannot be adequately achieved. Due to the fact that cyberattacks do not limit themselves geographically, it would appear that the fight has been brought to an end with all hands on deck.

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