December 3, 2023

10. Haiti: 

Regardless of occupation, color, gender, or age, travel advisories warn travelers that no one is safe from kidnapping. However, Haitians account for the majority of the victims there. 

Kidnapping gangs that capture competitors in business and politics have always operated in Haiti. Compared to other nations, kidnappings in Haiti are shrouded with more secrecy. 

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Take the transportation provided by your resort without fail if you are visiting Haiti.

9. Brazil: 

People who are abducted the most frequently are the unfortunate residents of the infamous favelas of the cities. 

Most Recorded Countries With Highest Kidnappings

The majority of kidnappings in Brazil are for financial purposes, in contrast to drug-related abductions. 

The confessed targets of kidnappers are those who appear well-dressed and don’t speak Portuguese.

8. Mexico: 

Where could you travel in Mexico without fear of abduction? Simply put, nowhere. However, you might want to avoid places like Tijuana, Juarez, or Tampico in particular.

Mexico is undoubtedly one of the nations with the highest rate of kidnapping because to the fact that there is no judging of kidnapping.

Locals, tourists, the wealthy, and the destitute are all viewed equally in their eyes! Everyone can experience the same “luck” of being abducted as long as a ransom is demanded.

7. Philippines: 

The Sulu archipelago and the Zamboanga region in the country’s south are where kidnappings occur most frequently. 

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The primary targets of kidnappers are tourists from China, Australia, and the United States. Many kidnappings are, in fact, the work of terrorist organizations like Abu Sayyaf.

People have reported being abducted from resorts by Sulu Sea pirates. Stick to the northern and middle regions of the Philippines, which are safe for travellers to avoid such mishaps.

6. Colombia

As long as you stay on the popular trodden paths, Columbia is one of those nations that is safe to travel to. You are more likely to be followed and abducted if you travel alone on a mountain route, through a plantation, across a river, or through a jungle.

One of the top nations where you run the risk of being abducted by guerrillas if you go hiking is Columbia. 30% of the 29,000 kidnappings that took place in the last 40 years were carried out by the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia. However, certain criminal organizations continue to conduct kidnapping operations.

The guerilla’s goal is to secure a ransom for you, thus the sooner they receive payment, the sooner they will free you. If it helps them achieve their goal, they can tote you about for months.

5. Venezuela: 

At the moment, Venezuela is thought to be the most dangerous nation in Latin America

Countries Where People Get Kidnapped The Most

There are undoubtedly more middle-class and upper-class Venezuelans abducted there than foreign tourists. Gangs can collaborate to kidnap you virtually, and then they can disconnect your phone line or call a family member to demand money.

4. India: 

Most Recorded Countries With Highest Kidnappings

India is among the top countries with the greatest rate of kidnapping, with approximately 3,000 abductions in 2010. There, kidnappings of children are most frequent, while abductions of tourists may occasionally occur.

The abductors are not very well-organized. Those who do it to make money are frequently the destitute. Indian kidnappers are not interested in killing their hostage. 

You can just become a victim of a thief who was in need of money or a street hawker who handed you some treats. Ransoms aren’t too high, so if your family still wants to pay and isn’t mad at you for whatever reason, you’ll probably make it out alive.

Even though you are not the main target, if you are in India, you should still exercise caution. And don’t flaunt expensive stuff or your iPod.

3. Pakistan: 

Pakistani Parties are at odds with one another, and the government there is in disarray. The primary cause of the rise in kidnapping is the inability of law enforcement to find kidnapped individuals, which encouraged criminals to abduct others.

Actually, abduction represents a steady increase in hazard to properties in Pakistan. In fact, five people are kidnapped on average each day. In 2012, it was reported that 2,054 kidnappings went unrecovered.

2. Nigeria: 

Countries with the Highest Rate of Kidnapping

In Nigeria, the rate of kidnapping has increased dramatically. Every year, more than 1,800 people are abducted. In Nigeria, kidnapping not only targets the wealthy but also the underprivileged and traders. 

The Boko Haram insurgents are behind the majority of such operations. To eradicate this crime, the nation urgently needs rigorous law enforcement, beef up security infrastructure and optimize military intelligence.

1. Iraq: 

According to reports, there are 1,700 kidnappings in Iraq each year. This nation is among those with the greatest rates of kidnapping says the crisis-management support company. 

In Iraq, there are numerous threats and hazards. Everyone is at risk especially the women, children and human rights activists.


The rates of kidnapping vary from nation to nation, albeit they do not always correspond with the rates of other violent crimes worldwide. Kidnapping is one of the crimes that contributes to a country’s ranking as one of the world’s most dangerous or violent countries, along with other variables like murder rate, frequency of rape, and whether or not a country is actively at war. 

Kidnapping can take many different shapes and happens for a variety of reasons. It is also important to keep in mind that different countries may have different definitions of abduction and different rates at which they are reported and recorded.

You might wish to take further precautions if you are still brave enough to enter the top nations with the greatest rate of kidnapping and expect to return unharmed. Don’t start dressing like a posh, wealthy executive running a business or a government. You’ll be safer the more like a hobo you appear. Spend little amounts of money as opposed to large bills and credit cards.

Tell people you’re traveling alone if you don’t have any family. Make the cab driver think you are not married, have no children, and were basically reared by bears in a cave if they even so much as inquire. Avoid going on your own. Kidnappers and other villains are more likely to back off if they notice you are with a group. Last but not least, stay as close to the resort areas as you can and avoid visiting strange regions.

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