November 28, 2023

Top 10 Most Expensive Toilets In The World 2023

  • The Astronaut’s Toilet (23 million dollars)
  • Hang Fung Gold Toilet $5m
  • The Toilet Shrine to Lenin ($4.8 million)
  • Moon River Art Park Toilet ($750,000
  • The Swarovski Crystal Toilet $128,000
  • The Swarovski-adorned toilet,$75,000
  • Herbeau 5501Dagobert solid Ash toilet ,$14,309
  • The Toto Neorest NX1 Dual Flush Luxury,$12,230
  • The Kohler Numi toilet, $9,750
  • Ilbagnoalessi One,$2,196

1. The Astronaut’s Toilet (23 million dollars)

You will unquestionably concur with us that this toilet is completely extraordinary. 

NASA is in charge of a significant portion of the construction of the extravagant device, which is intended for the International Space Station.

Most expensive toilet in the world

 Therefore, the toilet that costs the most money in the world was launched into space, not Earth!

In order for astronauts to survive in the alien space habitat, they need sophisticated instruments. 

The importance of oxygen systems and restrooms that are ready for space is well-known.

Although there are few specifics about this toilet’s design, claims from space authorities indicate that the system is worth approximately $23 you wish to know more about Gucci most expensive products?

The toilet’s ability to recycle human waste for use on the Space Station is one striking feature that justifies the extravagant price. 

For long-distance missions to Mars, similar technology could be used to recycle water.

2.Hang Fung Gold Toilet $5m

This restroom is owned by the Hang Fung Gold Technology Group. The “Hall of Gold,” a demonstration restroom, houses the gold toilet. The general public can view it.

Most expensive toilet

The Hang Fung Gold Toilet is the second-most expensive toilet in the world, costing $5 million.

3. The Toilet Shrine to Lenin ($4.8 million)

The Toilet Shrine to Lenin is one of the most expensive toilets in the world, costing $4.8 million. 

Winger Lam designed and owns the toilet, which is particularly pricey due to its one-of-a-kind solid gold design. 6,000 high-end gems adorn this gold-filled bathroom’s ceiling.

Most neat toilet in the world

In addition to the gold toilet, Lam’s bathroom has a gold sink, a gold trash can, and gold details on nearly every surface.

4. Moon River Art Park Toilet ($750,000)

With a price tag of $750,000, the toilet at the Moon River Art Park in Shanghai is one of the most valuable toilets in the world. 

Users can expect a natural experience when using this toilet. It’s safe to say that you can use the restroom, which is also a popular tourist destination, by paying the park entrance fee.

Most hygienic toilet in the world

Moon River Art Park’s restroom is inside a 10,000-foot man-made cave that is open to the public year-round.

 This bat-friendly restroom was created by a team of sculptors over the course of more than a year. If you are a fan of stalactites, you will absolutely adore its appearance.

5. The Swarovski Crystal Toilet $128,000

is the fifth most expensive toilet in the world, costing $128,000. It is one of the 10 most valuable toilets in the world. 

This toilet was made by Lixil Corp., a Tokyo-based company, and it has a pricey design. Lixil Corp.

 Are you interested in learning the rationale behind the pricey design? The toilet, according to its owner, aims to promote the high-end shopping district of the Japanese capital.

Most costly toilet in the world

The toilet is ideal for people who enjoy crystals because it is completely covered in 72, 000 Swarovski crystals.

 This costly design provides sufficient justification for the price!

6. The Swarovski-adorned toilet,$75,000

designed by Jemal Wright and priced at $75,000, is one of the most expensive toilets in the world and offers real comfort to users. 

Most beautiful toilet in the world

Crystals cover the entire toilet. The only parts of the toilet cover that are not studded are the seat and the interior.

The finished product is breathtaking; It might be better off in an art museum than in your bathroom. 

This kind of toilet needs to be cleaned every day, if not immediately after each use. 

Despite the fact that at $75,000 per unit, one would expect it to be self-cleaning. However, you probably wouldn’t mind.

7. Herbeau 5501Dagobert solid Ash toilet ,$14,309

One of the most expensive toilets in the world is the $14,309 Herbeau 5501 Dagobert Solid Ash Toilet in King Dagobert. 

Most expensive toilet in the world

There are a lot of interesting parts in this toilet. Most impressively, a soothing chime wakes users up when they open the seat.

After they have finished, The Royal flushes with a pull string, which, for some reason, sounds a ring. 

In your Victorian castle, the ashtray and candle holder next to the toilet are ideal for late-night trips to the bathroom or smoke breaks. 

Ash hardwood is used primarily to build the setting; However, hand-painted “Moustier Polychrome patterns” adorn it lavishly.

It is well worth the money to have such amenities in a toilet.

8. The Toto Neorest NX1 Dual Flush Luxury,$12,230

One-Piece Toilet and Bidet With a price tag of $12,230, the Toto Neorest NX1 toilet ranks eighth on our list of the world’s top 10 most expensive toilets.

Most hygienic toilet in the world

It is made to make automatic lid opening, closing, and flushing easier, making it almost effortless to use.

 It uses water effectively and requires less cleaning work at the same time. Electrolyzed water is misted into toilets, so there is no need for traditional cleaners.

 Additionally, a UV light cleaning system disinfects the toilet bowl while the lid is closed. The finished product is a beautiful toilet that is much cleaner than the typical house toilet. 

Additionally, an included air purifier provides a thorough clean and makes the air around the toilet pleasant.

It truly is deserving of the price tag given the level of toilet it provides.

9. The Kohler Numi toilet, $9,750

which is constructed with high-tech features and costs $9,750, takes the penultimate spot on our list of the top 10 most expensive toilets in the world. 


The toilet’s Bluetooth compatibility is one feature that sets it apart.

In addition to Bluetooth compatibility for when you need music in the bathroom, the extravagant design includes ambient lighting to create the right atmosphere. What about Bluetooth? Don’t worry; just use the aux input.

You can quickly open the seat while your hands are busy selecting the music thanks to motion activation.

 To activate the toilet, simply approach it. The hands-free design goes one step further by incorporating integrated technologies for automatic cleaning and deodorizing.

The Numi toilet has cutting-edge technology as well as a distinctive, spotless appearance.

 The sharp edges and ambient lighting really bring out the high-tech appearance.

This toilet is one of the most expensive toilets in the world, costing $9,750.

10. Ilbagnoalessi One,$2,196

: A Two-Piece Toilet for $2,196 The Ilbagnoalessi One Piece Toilet, one of the world’s top 10 most expensive toilets, rounds out our list of the world’s most comfortable toilets.

 The toilet has a slope design and is constructed of expensive materials and brand name.

Despite not being as extravagant as the millionaire’s toilet, this one still stands out. 

Most costly toilet

The minimalist design takes the look of a traditional toilet and adds sloping curves that look good in modern bathrooms. 

The whole thing is made of ceramic, like most toilets, and a button on top turns on the flush. According to Stefan Giovannoni, the elongated bowl was designed to be more comfortable to sit on.

The price of this toilet is largely determined by the materials and brand. Laufen, a manufacturer of high-end bathroom fixtures, designed this toilet. 

“Represent a convergence of design, quality, and functionality,” according to the company.

You may only need to pay $2,196 to own this toilet.

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