November 28, 2023

1. Marie Curie


She was a French physicist, one of the greatest scientists in the world. She is well-known for discovering brand-new elements like polonium and radium. 

She also discussed the isolation of radioactive isotopes and the theory of radioactivity. Her inventions earned her the Nobel Prize. However, on July 4, 1934, she passed away from aplastic anemia as a result of her radiation exposure.

2. Thomas Midgley

Who are the people that were killed by their own inventions

He is well-known for developing CFCs and gasoline. He worked as a chemist before getting lead poisoning. 

He became disabled as a result, and he became motivated to construct a pulley system out of ropes so that he could get out of bed. However, at the age of 55, he was strangled and killed by one of his pulley’s ropes.

3. John Godfrey Parry

Top 10 people who died from their own inventions

THOMAS J.G. Parry Thomas was a Welsh engineer and driver in motor racing. He came up with a high-speed car after dreaming of breaking speed records and crossing the land. He gave his car the name “Babs,” and it is very special.

 It is possible to state that because the chains that connected the wheels to the engine were visible and not concealed. 

He once achieved his goal of breaking Malcolm Campbell’s record. However, Malcolm made yet another record. A chain broke while he was trying to get the record back, hitting him in the neck and killing him right away.

4. William Bullock

Top 10 list of people who were killed by their own inventions

 who was born in the United States and invented the rotatory press for printing in 1863, is well-known.

The new rotating press, which was very fast and worked perfectly, suddenly changed the print industry. His foot was crushed under one of the press machines while he was fixing it one day.

He actually injured himself while attempting to insert a pulley in the appropriate location. He died during the operation when doctors tried to amputate his foot.

5. Otto Lilienthal

List of top 10 people who died from their own inventions

Also known as “The Glider King,” was a pioneer in human-powered aviation. He was the first person in human history to consistently succeed in gliding flights. 

As pictures of him gliding were published in newspapers and magazines, he soon became well-known all over the world. 

A lot of people’s scientific opinions were influenced by this. The idea that one could actually build a flying machine gained widespread acceptance. 

People finally had hope after years of fantasies and unproven evidence. However, on August 9, 1896, Otto Lilienthal flew to 17 meters above the ground before collapsing. He died the following day after this accident broke his spine.

6. Franz Reichelt

Top 10 list of people who were killed by their own inventions

He was a tailor from Australia who is famous for creating an odd overcoat and parachute combination. 

The wearer of this hybrid overcoat, according to Franz, could even fly with it and glide gently to the ground. He used the first and first deck of the Eiffel Tower in Paris for his experiments. 

After that, in front of a small group and a media crew with cameras, he tried to carry out the flying experiment. The force of the fall caused him to pass away instantly.

7. karel Soucek

Who are the people that were killed by their own inventions

A stuntman from Canada, is well-known for his invention known as the “Capsule,” which he used to ride down Niagara Falls. 

The Capsule can be thought of as a modified barrel because it resembles a barrel. He sustained a few injuries while doing this, but he survived. After much persuasion, he was able to secure financing for his barrel drop from the Houston Astrodome in Texas in 1985. 

They made a unique waterfall with a pit at the bottom that was 18 feet above the ground. 

Sadly, the stunt didn’t work, and he fell at the rim rather than in the middle of the pool, injuring himself severely. He died the very next day. His “Capsule” is now housed in the New York State Museum out of respect for the invention.

8. Cowper Phipps Coles

Top 10 list of people who were killed by their own inventions

During the Crimean War, Cowper Phipps Coles was a highly regarded Royal Navy Captain. 

He created a ship-applicable rotating turret. After the war was over, he filed a patent for the rotating turret and began designing his own revolutionary ships. 

He built the ship HMS Captain, which required numerous unusual and dangerous modifications. The creation of a “Hurricane Deck” that raised the center of gravity was one of the modifications. 

On September 6, 1870, this Hurricane Deck sank, killing Cowper Coles and many others among its 500 crew members.

9. Alexander Bogdanov

Top 10 list of people who were killed by their own inventions

He was a revolutionary, physician, economist, philosopher, and science fiction writer. He was one of many great Russian scientists and was from Russia.

One of his many experiments was the idea of rejuvenation through blood transfusion. He gave blood transfusions to numerous patients during his experiments, one of whom was Lenin’s sister. 

Then, he pursued a choice that he would give it a shot himself. As a result, he gave a blood transfusion to one patient. Malaria and tuberculosis were afflicting the transfused patient. Alexander passed away shortly after that.

10. Harry Winston:

Who are the people that were killed by their own inventions

A well-known English architect who built lighthouses was Henry Winstanley. The first Eddystone Lighthouse was built by him alone as an engineer. 

He wanted to test the strength of that lighthouse in all kinds of weather after building it. As a result, he entered the lighthouse during a storm by climbing inside. The storm overwhelmed the lighthouse, and it gave way. Winstanley and five other people perished as a result.

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